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Washingtonville 9/11 Memorial (Washingtonville)


Dedicated to: Dedicated to the honor and memory of America's heroic rescue workers and innocent civilians who were the victims of the attack on the WTC

Type of Memorial: Park and Monument


Location: Memorial Park

Address: Ahearn Blvd. and Washington Blvd.

City: Washingtonville

State: New York


Open to Public: yes


Description: The memorial was designed by a committee of about ten people from Washingtonville. The monument itself was made by Tallix, Inc. of Beacon, NY. The etching of the firefighter and angel on the right section was done completely by hand by an artist from Vermont. The monument is surrounded by almost 1000 commemorative bricks that were sold as part of our fund-raising activities. You will notice that the brick section is in the shape of a Maltese cross. In addition, we included an area between the two sections of the monument that we called the ‘Walkway of Heroes’ with a brick that has the name and assignment of each of the emergency responders who was killed on 9/11. The park and memorial have become a very popular place for anyone who wants to sit and contemplate the tragedy of 9/11 or to just find a peaceful place to think. I know that the five widows of our firefighters along their families come here often to remember their loved ones. They are not visible in the photos I sent to you, but we also installed six black granite benches in a semi-circle around the monument. Each was donated by the families of the five firefighters and are engraved with a loving remembrance from the individual families. The park and monument area are maintained primarily by the Village of Washingtonville with the help of many volunteers from the community who show up a few times a year to spruce up the monument and surrounding gardens. The committee has put together a memorial candlelight service every year on 9/11 at the monument that is attended by a few hundred people.


More Information: This memorial is in memory of the five members of the community who lost their lives on 9/11. The five heroes are Battalion Chief Dennis Devlin, Lt. Glenn Perry, Firefighters Robert Hamilton, Gerard Nevins and Mark Whitford.



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