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The New York Times

Charles Francis Xavier Heeran: Staying for Family


December 31, 2001


Charles Francis Xavier Heeran gave up a promotion to stay in New York City. Only 23 and a little more than a year out of college, Mr. Heeran had risen quickly as a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. But when he was offered a promotion that meant moving to the company's London office, he declined.  


"He wanted to stay near his friends and family," said his father, Bernard Heeran. A natural extrovert, Mr. Heeran loved to get together with people. His great-aunt Bernadette Hay Griffin said, "He was a great organizer of parties. He would gather 30 people and go to `Tony and Tina's Wedding,' " the long-running Off Broadway show.  


He was also generous with his friends. His father said: "He was always buying cocktails to get the party going. He wasn't tight with a buck."  



The New York Times
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