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In Memoriam: Alexander Braginsky


Age: 38

Place of Residence: Stamford, CT

Location on 9/11: One WTC, 106th Floor

Occupation: Reuters, Foreign Exchange Products Manager


Hometown: Ukraina, Odessa





Alexander Braginsky was born on May 10, 1963 in Odessa, USSR Lost on September 11, 2001 in New York WTC terrorist attack that took lives of almost 3000 people.  


His mother Nelly Braginsky remembers: " My son grew up to be a composed and very bright man. Alex had many friends that used to fill our house with joy and excitement".  


In 1979, the family immigrated to the United States. They came to Queens, New York, and started new life, and found new friends. The family went through many difficult and successful times. Alex’s biggest successes were achieved in school. His teachers would say, "Everyone, absolutely everyone loved him". He graduated High School and Queens College with honors. Alex graduated as a foreign exchange products manager and specialized in computers. Alex was always devoted to work and public service.  


He would say: "The United states gave me everything. Now it’s time for me to give back". And he did. He helped new immigrants to settle down and adjust to a new society. Alex found a new hobby - cooking. And as always, everything he did, he did with grace and dedication. He cooked astonishing dishes and was diligent and particular about their beautiful presentation before setting them in front of his friends.  


Alex’s friends remember him as a friend, a teacher, and a brother that will be missed dearly.  


Today his mom keeps Alex’s memory alive. She funded a park in Haifa and opened scholarship at Queens College in his name.  


"I even now do not believe, that Shurik (Alex) is gone, it is impossible, he is and always will exist."  





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