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In Memoriam: Kris R. Hughes


Age: 30

Place of Residence: New York, NY

Location on 9/11: Two WTC, 89th floor

Occupation: Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Vice President


Hometown: Nesconset, NY


Dedicated Memorial Sites:
   Angel of Hope (East Meadow)
   Holy Rood Catholic Cemetery Memorial (Westbury)
   Kris Robert Hughes Way (Nesconset)
   Nassau County 9/11 Memorial (East Meadow)
   Smithtown 9/11 Memorial (Smithtown)
   St. Patricks Cemetary 9/11 Monument (Smithtown)




Kris Robert Hughes was tragically lost September 11, 2001. His parents, Elaine and Bob, sister Kimberly, brother Keith, sister in law, Cheryl, and nephews Christopher, Nicholas, Henry and Holden. Grandmother Lily and many other close relatives and friends survive him.  


Born July 19, 1971-Premature at 4 lbs. 12. oz.  

Stayed in incubator for two and a half weeks. Came home at 5 lbs. Immediately sat on by brother Keith who climbed into the crib.  


Kris had his older sister Kimberly who thought of him as her little doll and older brother Keith who thought Kris was a toy.  


Kris was always very thin and often looked emaciated. We often took him to the doctor to see if he was sick. When we went to the ocean we would tell him not to get off the blanket because the seagulls would think he was bones and take him.  


He started playing hockey at age 4 1/2 that he continued to do his whole life. He started tee ball at age 8 and continued playing baseball at Berkshire School on the Varsity team. Playing baseball and travel hockey was a great way for him to make friends. He also mixed in wrestling and the clarinet while at Middle School. Itís nice to say that friends made at these early ages are surrounding us today.  


I should add that around the age of 10 Kris developed his love of fly-fishing and golf. Because we knew nothing about golf or fly-fishing there was no interference from us.  


Kris was always a nature lover so his love of the outdoors and animals was no surprise. Much of what Kris absorbed about the great outdoors and nature is to be attributed to his Uncle Tom.  


Whenever Uncle Torn was available to meet up with Kris it was always outdoors either in a local park or a National Park. Tom was brave enough to actually take Keith and Kris on a trip to Arizona when they were around 11 or 12.  


When Kris began high school, he went to Smithtown High School East and after one year he was accepted to the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts. School was six days a week with mandatory two hours a night study. I should add that brother Keith was already at Berkshire School. So it was easier for Kris to make friends there. His love of football developed. Kris and Keith played hockey and baseball but tried out for the football team for fun. Kris became a quarterback in his sophomore year and continued through his senior year.  


The Berkshires was Krisís love. The area was great, the school was beautiful and there were no parents!!! He met some great students and teachers; a lot, Iím sure are here today. Kris was the kind of guy that would be everyoneís brother.  


Kris was awarded Junior Athlete of the year. Was named Captain of the football and hockey teams and also made prefect (which all seniors wanted) Prefect meant certain additional privileges. There were great experiences at the school; trips to Vero Beach, Florida for spring baseball training with Mr. Young and his wife, Susan.  


College was even more fun at Ohio State and Michigan State with graduation from Ohio State in 1995. One of the reasons Kris went to Ohio State was because of their football team. Every year we looked forward to Kris dissecting Ohio Stateís losing games.  


Throughout the year, Kris would come home many times and assume his favorite position. Lying down on the floor in the den with his great big pillow. When he wasnít reading several newspapers at one time he would be on his soapbox debating anything and everything. Kris loved the Thanksgiving holiday with all the trimmings and watching his favorite movie, Midway.  


After graduation, he went on to work for a Japanese bank and then while playing hockey in a menís league in Manhattan he met Frank Doyle, his friend who helped him land his job at K.B.W.  


I should have added that Kris worked every summer vacation, Easter vacation and Christmas vacation in construction from the age of 14 to 24. Every summer he trained for hockey and football while working full time in construction.  


Kris was very close to his mother, father, sister and brother. It was that closeness to his family that allowed his accomplishments to be shared and respected.  


When he was little he was close to his Grandfather, Harry and still close to his Grandmother, Lily. He loved his nephews Christopher and Nicholas, brother in law Chris and sister in law Cheryl. There are many relatives and friends that Kris cared about. He was always a good person.  


Kris knew how to enjoy life to the fullest. He was such a joy to be around. Kris was extremely handsome, thoughtful and kind. He should have won Best Dresser Award. Kris had many pets as a child: ducks, chickens, quail, cats, parakeets, hawks, etc. His most current pet was his dog Windsor. He really loved that dog. We often teased him and called the dog his son.  


We heard a funny story recently about a golf outing at Keithís Bachelor Party. Apparently, Keith and Kris were golfing and for the first time ever Keith was beating Kris. At the very last hole, Kris very smoothly beat Keith. Keith got so angry he broke all his golf clubs. Iím sure Kris was smiling.  


Kris was a beautiful person, a great son, a caring brother, a thoughtful grandson, a proud nephew and a wonderful godfather and uncle.  






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