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In Memoriam: Jason E. Sabbag


Age: 26

Place of Residence: New York City, NY

Location on 9/11: Two WTC, 94th Floor

Occupation: Fiduciary Trust International, Assistant Vice President, Assoc. Portfolio Manager


Hometown: Greenwich, CT


Dedicated Memorial Sites:
   Georgetown University Memorial Park (Georgetown)
   Jason E. Sabbag Bench at Greenwich High School (Greenwich)
   Jason E. Sabbag Bench at Greenwich Point (Greenwich)
   Jason E. Sabbag Memorial at Western Middle School (Greenwich)




Jason Sabbag was an intelligent, handsome, warm, young man with his entire future ahead of him. “Everyone that knew Jason remembers his zest for life and his reassuring smile that lit up every room he entered.” Throughout his 26 years, Jason excelled in almost everything he did, from academics to athletics to his profession. “He was the kind of person who knew exactly what he wanted to be when he was older, and started preparing for his future early in life…..He had an aura of success about him…..he did everything well”  


Jason was an integral part of a tight-knit family unit consisting of his father Ralph, his mother Brigitte, his two siblings, Cliff (brother) and Laurence (sister), his brother-in-law, Mark, and his girlfriend Sarah. Jason, his sister Laurence, and his brother, Clifton (or “Cliff”) all lived in Manhattan. Laurence lives with her husband, Mark (one of Jason’s best friends), Cliff lives in his own apartment, and Jason lived with his girlfriend Sarah Hare, whom he had been dating for approximately six years. All of the Sabbag children worked at their jobs during the week but weekends were sacred and were spent as a family, with Jason frequently serving as the catalyst. “Jason would always choose to spend time with his family and loved ones. He spent almost every weekend going home to visit his parents, always insisting that everyone come long with him so that the family could be together.” The family lived for those shared weekends. It was often the case that these were spent in Connecticut at Mr. and Mrs. Sabbag’s house barbequing, going to the town beach, jogging, playing tennis or just watching a fun sporting event on TV. Manhattan was also a wonderful meeting ground for the family where they would eat out, go to the park, go to the movies and just enjoy being together. There were also numerous memorable family vacations such as their ski trips and Florida trips. “Rather than going on separate vacations with friends, the Sabbag’s typically went as a family, even in adulthood, because they always wanted to be together.”  


Jason, a 26 year old Assistant Vice President and Associate Portfolio Manager at Fiduciary Trust at the time of his death, was highly focused from an early age on a career in finance. “Jason’s goal was to one day work in the financial district of New York City because he loved the capital markets….Jason’s goal was to become an equity trader or portfolio manager….He was incredibly interested in the equity markets for someone his age, so much so that he would spend hours in front of CNBC.” After graduating from Georgetown University with honors in economics, Jason had begun his Wall Street career with a position in Citigroup’s fixed-income trading group. However, given that his primary career interest was in equity capital markets rather than debt capital markets, Jason’s position at Fiduciary Trust proved to be the ideal position for him. He loved his work at Fiduciary, where he was responsible for researching and recommending equities for Fiduciary’s European Small Cap Equity Fund to invest in. Jason was perfectly positioned at Fiduciary for an extremely successful career in equity portfolio management. “His intelligence, education, work ethic, interpersonal skills and language skills, coupled with his love of the equity capital markets and researching potential equity investments, made him, in my opinion, destined for success.” Jason’s talent was recognized quickly by Fiduciary, where he was promoted to Assistant Vice President and Associate Portfolio Manager after only one year. According to Margaret Lindsay, Executive Vice President at Fiduciary Trust and head of the European Small Cap Fund, Jason “played a critical role in bringing new clients….He had the right mix of intelligence and wit to make clients feel comfortable and they liked and trusted him….It is my belief that Jason would have remained an integral member of our group and would have made his career at Fiduciary.”  


On the morning of September 11, 2001, Jason was at work early, as usual. His office at Fiduciary Trust was located on the 94th Floor of World Trade Center, South Tower. He had a meeting scheduled with the CEO of a German corporation that Fiduciary was contemplating investing in, and he wanted to make sure that he was prepared. Once the client, accompanied by a broker from Deutsche Bank, arrived to Jason’s office, they all went into a conference room that faced south/east. When the North Tower was hit by the first hijacked plane, it appeared that announcements were made to occupants of the South Tower following the impact that instructed occupants of the South Tower to remain at their desks and await further instructions. Jason followed the instructions and continued with his meeting. He had no idea what was occurring in the North Tower, or that the South Tower was soon to be struck by the second hijacked plane, right in the general area of where he was holding his meeting. Many of Jason’s colleagues who were at their north-facing offices with a view of the devastated North Tower, disregarded the instructions, immediately vacated the South Tower prior to it being struck by the second plane, and survived. Had he been at his desk instead of in a client meeting, Jason likely would have evacuated safely like his colleagues. Instead, he and his clients, who presumably could not see what was happening to the North Tower, followed the security instructions to remain in the South Tower, and as a result, were killed. “Life was good with Jason, now life is like eating food without any salt….the joy is gone and all that is left is an empty chair.”  



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