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In Memoriam: Stephen K. Tompsett


Age: 39

Place of Residence: Garden City, NY

Location on 9/11: WTC, Conference at Windows on World

Occupation: Instinet Corporation, Computer Scientist & Senior VP


Hometown: Sydney, Australia


Dedicated Memorial Sites:
   Garden City Memorial & Memorial Park Bench (Garden City)




Stephen Kevin Tompsett was born in Sydney Australia on January 27, 1962. He was sent to New York for a three month project in September 1986. The project was with his future wife’s company, where they met, fell in love immediately and were never separated again for more than a few days (due to business trips) until he was killed while attending the Risk Waters Conference at Windows on the World on Sept. 11, 2001. In September 1991 their only child, Emily was born to their great joy. While all of Steve’s family remains in Sydney, he adopted his wife’s family from Long Island as his own.  


Steve was an incredible human being – a loving and devoted husband and father, cherished son and brother, friend, confidant, mentor and colleague and an inspiration to all who knew him. Steve’s priorities were clearly stated in his “Tompsett Manifesto” – the values which he wrote down and lived every day.  


In addition to being a Senior Vice President of Corporate Technology and a brilliant scientist and technologist (he was one of a limited number of recipients of the University of Sydney University Medal for excellence), his Roman Catholic faith was strong. Steve believed that bringing up Emily was the most important role in his life. To that end, he strongly believed that in providing a role model deeply routed in faith was extremely important. Steve was a Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Parish Stewardship Committee Member, Renew 2000 Facilitator and School Board Member. He was intricately and deeply involved in our parish life and the parish school, which Emily attends.  


Steve was 39 years old and although he’d only lived a short while his life was full, happy and incredibly productive. It is often said that people say good things about someone when they die. The true indication of what Steve was and how he lived his life is that the people that he touched, who all have said and written incredible things about him since his death, said the same things about him while he was with us. He was an incredibly humble man who, as the CEO of his company said during his eulogy at Stephen’s memorial service on Sept 25, "would have been terribly embarrassed about all this attention".  

Stephen’s strength, courage and brilliance continue to inspire us and help us continue in this life without his gentle, guiding presence. We look to the day when we can be with him in heaven.  



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