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VOICES knows how important adults are to the well being of children and teens who have been through 9/11 and similar events. Here, caregivers, teachers, and professionals will find information, resources, and answers geared to their interests and concerns to help them take care of children and teens and themselves.  



Enriching Summer Fun with CITYarts


CITYarts empowers children and youth by bringing them together with professional artists to create public art that addresses civic and social issues, impacts their lives, and transforms their communities. They are looking especially for 9/11 kids to help with an exciting new project at Baruch Park in the Lower East Side.  






The kids take a neglected wall in a public space and turn it into a beautiful gift of love and talent to the community. The kids plan the mural and paint it from primer to finishing touches supervised by professional artists and reformed graffiti artists. The wall in Baruch Park is shown at left above and a completed mural wall from the Bronx Claremont Pool project last year. Contact Christine Lu at 212.966.0377 or info@cityarts.org if interested. See www.cityarts.org for more information.  





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