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Guestbook - Anthony J. Fallone




Ingrid Roosma
2012-09-11 08:04:19
I knew Tony from Bronx Science and when we had the money, we would walk to a nearby deli and split a hot, mouth watering Hot pastrami sandwich with swiss chhese and spicy mustard. Funny thing, we never talked about financial markets or anything of the sort and coincidentally, I too became a stockbroker. Blessed is Mrs. Fallone to have such a special guy in her life. My warmest regards. He was such a comedian!


Michael Acanfrio Jr
2012-09-10 23:15:00
Still thinking of my cousin Doogie (Anthony) on this anniversary. Luv u Anthony....


Deborah Lieberman
2010-09-10 19:52:29
I worked with Tony at ING. Seeing the photos, I can completely hear him telling us a story at work, and having us all laugh out loud! he is always missed.


Karla McGuigan
2010-07-24 09:26:04
Hi, Patty! I just read the book MESSAGES and found this website and decided to say another hello. It was great seeing you (at all places, COSTCO) and wonderful to catch up with pictures of your family on this site. I often think of you, Tony and the children. Love, Karla






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