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2011-09-11 18:12:47
10 years ago this country was attacked by terrorism, 10 years later America is stronger and safer. All of the stories of the men and women who died on september 11th overcome me with saddness, anger, and hope. This story stood out to me a lot, though. Daniel; I have never met you, but I honor you very much. You unwillingly died 10 years ago leaving your family and friends behind. All of your loved ones miss you. Your three young children were forced to move on in their life without you. My good firnd, Sarah and her brothers had to do the very same. I feel absolute sorrow and pain for you and Sarah's family. And if you were on the outside looking in, you would too. You were a very strong and dedicated man. You worked very hard all of your life. Your family and friends are pround of you, I'm sure. 10 years later, ground zero has been rebuilt. You and thousands of other people's names are carved into this fountain. This memorial goes out you you and everyone else. You have gone down in history and are missed, honored and still very much loved.


2011-09-10 23:40:09
10 years ago this country was attacked by terrorism, and 10 years later America is stronger and safer. Reading these biographies makes me feel very sad, afraid, and sorry. But this one really stood out to me. Daniel, I have never met you; but you died 10 years ago when I was just five. You have a wonderful family with three children. These young children lost their loving father. I know a girl who lost her father a few years ago and to this day I feel such sorrow for her and her brothers. I feel the same way about your family. You were a very hard-working and devoted person and I know you are missed terribly. I will forever honor you and everyone else who died 10 years ago because of terrorism. I know that if you were on the outside looking in, you would love to see the world trade center now- absolutely beautiful, where your name and thousands of others are carved into the fountain of the fallen towers. You and thousands of others unwillingly went down in history. You will forever be remembered , missed, and honored.


Sally Trant
2011-05-03 15:27:18
May 1, 2011 - They finally got him! Rest in peace little brother. No other family will ever suffer at the hands of this animal! I miss you and love you very much!


Catie Trant
2009-04-05 22:52:05
Dear Uncle Danny, Even though I may not remember much about you because I was very small when you died, but I do remember one thing, you were one of the greatest uncles I ever had. You cared for me and all my cousins in our time of need. You entertained us and hugged us. You are deeply missed and we will love you for eternity.(and longer than that) I have an Irish blessing I would like to write to you: May the road rise up to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm upin your face And the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet agian, May God hold you in the palm of his hand. We miss you and will see you, when the time comes. Love your niece, Catie






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