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Wisconsin Student Council 9/11 Memorial


Leadership in Student Activities


Inspired by a presentation she saw at the 2003 NASC national conference, Wisconsin student council member Holly Pulvermacher spearheaded a statewide effort that culminated last year in the installation of a 9/11 memorial at the state capital in Madison.  


Wisconsin's 9/11 memorial is part of a nationwide effort started by the student council of Oak Ridge (TN) HS, which made available a piece of a steel beam from one of the World Trade Center buildings for the creation of a memorial in each state. A box column retrieved from the 65th floor of one of the World Trade Center towers was cut into 52 equal cross-sections. Wisconsin's 9/11 memorial incorporated the piece from Tennessee and was designed by high school students to remember the tragedy of September 11,2001. Their goal was to remind Wisconsin students of the patriotism and unity that surfaced after that tragedy.  


Members of the memorial committee came and went due to graduation or other reasons, but a core group of six students and two advisers worked for two years to design and implement the memorial. Pulvermacher enlisted the help of the Princeton HS industrial technology teacher and his design class, a former art teacher who undertook the role of community and artistic adviser, and the state student council organization as part of the memorial design team.  


The project was funded by the Wisconsin Association of School Councils with donations from local student council chapters around the state and other charitable donations.  

The dedication ceremony for the memorial at the state capital last fall was an overwhelming success. "Our entire high school attended with music played by our band. Many legislators and local officials attended. Newspapers and television stations from all over the area covered the event and we felt that we touched the heart of Wisconsin," says Pulvermacher. "We have learned a lot about our government business, and people throughout this project.  


The citizens of Wisconsin have a lot to be proud of-all the people we worked with have huge hearts and we hope as the next generation of leaders we can show upcoming leaders the same support that we have been given."  


The Oak Ridge HS student council established a nonprofit foundation to raise funds for plaque construction, installation, publicity, and ceremony costs for memorials in all 50 states. For information about how your organization can become involved in this effort, visit  

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