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9/11 Health Insurance Group  

The 9/11 Health Insurance Group offers a health benefits program to individuals whose health benefits coverage was directly affected by the events of 9/11. The program is available through two not-for-profit organizations-the 9/11 Health Insurance Group and Group Health Incorporated (GHI). The benefits package is a GHI Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) program, with coverage available through GHI’s network of participating providers, for a small co-payment. Under the GHI program, referrals to specialists by primary care physicians are not required, and covered benefits are also available through non-participating providers, at higher out-of-pocket costs. This PPO program provides a broad range of medical, hospital, and prescription drug benefits.  

P.O. Box 1270  

Denville, NJ 07834  



World Trade Center Health Effects Treatment Program  

This program was designed for workers and volunteers who have health problems caused or aggravated by their participation in WTC-related efforts. The program treats WTC-related sinus and breathing difficulties; WTC-related throat irritation; WTC-related feelings of sadness or depression; and WTC-related feelings of nervousness or anxiety.  


You may be eligible if you were engaged in first-response, rescue and recovery, service restoration, or any of the clean-up efforts at Ground Zero and other WTC-related sites. The program provides diagnostic and ongoing medical treatment services for WTC-related medical conditions. The program can also help you apply for a range of benefits and entitlements, get financial assistance for medication and, if you are eligible, apply for health insurance if currently uninsured.  


No out-of-pocket charges apply for WTC-related conditions. If outside testing or referrals are needed, the Health Effects Treatment Program staff will help you arrange for payment.  

Manhattan: (212)-241-9059  

Queens: (718)-278-2736  

Yonkers: (914)-964-4737  


World Trade Center Health Registry  

Ground Zero workers, residents living near the WTC and students who attended nearby schools are eligible to receive services from this organization. So far, 71,437 of an estimated 385,000 people who qualify have enrolled. Administered by the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the registry is developing plans to track participants’ health through 2023.  



World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program  

The World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program provides free, confidential medical monitoring examinations to workers and volunteers who responded to the September 11th attacks in New York City. For the next five years, responders who participate in the program will receive comprehensive and confidential medical examinations at regular intervals.  


Examinations will include:  

• Comprehensive physical exam  

• Routine blood and urine tests (no drug or HIV testing)  

• Breathing tests  

• Mental health assessment  

• Exposure assessment  

• Referral for treatment, if necessary  

• Benefits and entitlements information  

• Workplace health and safety information  


Examinations will be provided at six clinic locations in and around the New York City metropolitan area and at other participating clinics around the country. You may choose to be seen at any one of these locations, regardless of where you had your initial exam  


If you are an active or retired FDNY firefighter, fire officer, or EMS (EMT’s, paramedics, and officers), please call:  

FDNY Bureau of Health Services (718)-999-1858  


If you live on Long Island, please call:  

Long Island Occupational and Environmental Health Center  



If you live elsewhere in New York, please call:  

World Trade Center Health Effects Treatment Program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine  



If you live in New York City only, please call:  

Bellevue Hospital World Trade Center Health Treatment Program  



If you live in New Jersey, please call:  

World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program in New Jersey  

(732)-445-0123 ext.600  


If you live outside of the greater New York area, please call:  

Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics  



Clinical Guidelines for Adults Exposed to the World Trade Center Disaster  



World Trade Center Health Registry Resource Guide  


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