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Bear Search and Rescue Foundation  

On September 11th, 2001, Captain Scott Shields and his eleven-year-old golden retriever, Bear, traveled to Ground Zero from Greenwich, Connecticut to help in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center. Bear was one of the first canines to search the rubble. He worked eighteen-hour days, and is credited with finding many victims, including the beloved FDNY Chief Peter Ganci. Bear was injured while working the site and the periphery of his wound became cancerous. Although Bear recovered from this illness, he died one year later of multiple forms of cancer.  

The Bear Search and Rescue Foundation was created to address the needs of both canine and non-canine search and rescue (SAR) teams across the country.  

www.bearsearchandrescue.org (732)-713-6298  


Beyond Ground Zero  

Formed in response to the discriminatory disaster relief policies that impacted minority communities in the aftermath of 9/11, they assist 9/11 survivors in accessing disaster relief, including health insurance. In addition, they also assist people in organizing protests regarding government denial of the toxicity of the 9/11 air. Finally, Beyond Ground Zero encourages those affected to stand up for equal and on-going relief.  

www.nmass.org (212)-358-0295  


Beyond the 11th  

Founded by Susan Retik and Patti Quigly, two women who lost their husbands on 9/11, the organization offers financial and emotional support to widows who have been affected by terrorism.  

www.beyondthe11th.org (781)-235-2229  


Families of September 11th  

Families of September 11th is a non-profit organization started by family members of those who died in the September 11th attacks. Families of September 11th seeks to support families and children by offering updated information on issues of interest, access to resources, relevant articles, and advocacy to raise awareness about the effects of terrorism and public trauma. In addition, the organization seeks to provide support to victims of terrorism worldwide.  

www.familiesofseptember11.org (212)-575-1878  


Massachusetts 9/11 Fund  

The Massachusetts 9/11 Fund is a nonprofit organization providing assistance and relief to residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who were directly impacted by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  

www.massfund.org (866)-FUND-911  


9/11 Families for a Secure America  

This organizationís mission is to expose those officials who were responsible for the policies that permitted the attacks on the World Trade Center to occur.  



Northern Virginia Family Services  

NVFS provides group-based services and outreach to address the continuing mental health needs of individuals affected by the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. NVFS helps survivors and families connect with financial, emotional, educational, vocational, medical, and other vital resources.  

www.nvfs.org (703)-892-1153  


One Dayís Pay  

This organization worked with the senate and house to pass a congressional resolution to have September 11th be designated as a national day of voluntary service, charity, and compassion.  

www.onedayspay.org (212)-613-4979  


Our Voices Together  

Our Voices Together works to strengthen existing efforts by families and friends of people directly affected by terrorism. In addition, this organization strives to encourage others to get involved, as well as telling the stories of the families and friends of those directly affected by terrorism.  

www.ourvoicestogether.org (202)-223-0080  


Reclaiming the Sky  

Reclaiming the Sky is a non-profit program designed to help aviation employees recover from 9/11, learn from the unspeakable loss, and gain peer support to move forward again with confidence and hope in a turbulent time.  



September 11th Families Association  

September 11th Families Association supports victims of terrorism through communication, representation, and peer support. Their mission is to unite the 9/11 community, present evolving issues, and to share resources for long-term recover.  

www.911families.org (212)-422-3520  


September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows  

By developing and advocating for nonviolent options and actions in the pursuit of justice, Peaceful Tomorrows hopes to break the cycle of violence engendered by war and terrorism. Peaceful Tomorrows also strives to acknowledge the common experiences shared throughout the world by people who are affected by terrorism.  

www.peacefultomorrows.org (212)-598-0970  


Septemberís Mission  

Founded by a woman who lost her husband at the World Trade Center, Septemberís Mission aims to support the development of a memorial park on the former World Trade Center site that ties into the overall redevelopment of lower Manhattan while at the same time honoring the lives that were lost there on 9/11.  

www.septembersmission.org (888)-424-4685  


Skyscraper Safety Campaign  

The organization seeks to ensure the safety and security of all people who live, work, or fight fires in hi-rise buildings.  



Take Back the Memorial  

Take Back the Memorial is a collaboration between 14 September 11th organizations that challenge the placement of cultural institutions at the World Trade Center memorial.  



Voices of September 11th  

A non-profit organization whoís mission is to support and advocate for those impacted by 9/11 and other terrorist attacks. The organization also promotes public policy reform for prevention, preparedness and response to terrorism. Also, VOICES strives to foster improved relations and share best practices with all countries confronting terrorism. VOICES offers support and teleconference groups, family programs, and information via their website, email distribution, and newsletters.  

www.voicesofsept11.org (866)-505-3911  


Where to Turn  

Where to Turnís purpose is to provide crisis relief services for victims of any kind of tragedy and assisting them in obtaining the help they need during the recovery process. It provides updated information on relevant support organizations and serves as a voice to assure that proper officials are aware of victimsí needs and concerns.  

www.where-to-turn.org (718)-619-2371  


Windows of Hope  

Windows of Hope was founded to provide aid, future scholarships and funds to the families of the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy, who worked in the food, beverage, and hospitality professions throughout the entire complex and who were lost on September 11th.  



World Trade Center Family Center  

Provides free counseling services to anyone who lost a loved one as a result of September 11th. wtcfamilycenter.org (516)-678-2700  


WTC Families for Proper Burial  

This organizationís goal is the recovery from the Fresh Kills landfill of the ashen remains of those lost on September 11th, to place these ashen remains in appropriate containers, and to return these remains to the World Trade Center site to be part of the planned WTC Memorial for their respectful, dignified, and final resting place.  



WTC United Family Group  

WTC United Family Group is an information network for the families and friends of the victims and survivors of the September 11th attacks.  


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