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ACCESS (Air Craft Casualty Emotional Support Services)  

ACCESS can match you with a grief mentor, a volunteer who has lost a loved one in a previous air disaster. In addition, ACCESS has 9/11 trained volunteers ready and available to be of service to other victim’s families.  

www.accesshelp.org (877)-227-6453  


American Psychiatric Association  

The mission of the American Psychiatric Association is to promote the highest quality care for individuals with mental disorders (including mental retardation and substance-related disorders) and their families. In addition, the American Psychiatric Association seeks to promote psychiatric education and research; advance and represent the profession of psychiatry; and finally, to serve the professional needs of its membership.  

www.psych.org (703)-907-7300  


American Psychological Association  

The APA offers a range of information on everything from managing traumatic stress to coping with terrorism. In addition, it provides guidelines for children, links to other resources, and a toll-free number to help find a psychologist.  

www.apa.org (800)-964-2000  


American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Program  

Throughout the world, billions of dollars were given to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. With these donations the Liberty Disaster Relief Fund was founded and made possible the implementation of a massive emergency response. In addition, the September 11th Recovery Program was founded to provide long-term services.  

Through the September 11th Recovery Program, the Red Cross will continue assisting people whose lives were most seriously affected by providing mental health and wellness services until 2007.  

www.redcross.org/september11/help (877)-746-4987  


Big Brothers Big Sisters of NJ  

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Morris, Bergen and Passaic, in collaboration with Bergen County’s United Way, developed a mentoring program created specifically for children who lost parents on September 11th.  

The program, called “Just 4 Me” seeks to assist through:  

-Community outreach that makes September 11th mentors available to every child who lost a parent or guardian.  

-Speeding the match process (which sometimes takes months) to quickly and carefully arrange a one-to-one relationship between a child and suitable mentor, which will be screened and supervised by the standards of BBBS of America.  

-Specialized grief and bereavement training for volunteers.  

-Monthly group activities that help children and families learn from the experiences of their peers.  

The program goal is to increase social support for children who are grieving the loss of a parent due to the tragedies of September 11th, 2001.  

www.bbbsmorriscounty.org (973)-335-3044  


Big Brothers Big Sisters NYC  

The September 11th mentoring program provides professionally supervised, caring, adult mentors for children particularly touched by the events of September 11th, 2001. The program provides services to:  

-Children who live in (or with parents employed in) southern Manhattan  

-Children in families who have suffered economic distress  

-Children who have had increased difficulty at school or at home  

-Children who have been more anxious since, or worry more about their family’s safety  

-Children who suffered loss or trauma in the past-a loss that has been exacerbated by the September 11th attacks  

The September 11th mentoring program is not intended for children who lost a parent in the attacks.  

www.bigsnyc.org (212)-686-2042  


CARRI 9/11 Program  

The CARRI 9/11 Program provides services to children affected by the tragedy of 9/11. Services include in-home intensive services, behavioral assistance and case management.  

(732) 235-6033  


Center for Mental Health Services  

CMHS is a federal agency focused on promoting mental health and preventing the development of, or worsening of, mental illness. By following the link listed above you can access a number of relevant disaster relief publications.  




Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.  

Provides outreach and services to members of new immigrant Latino communities who have been adversely affected by the events of September 11th. These services include mental health screenings, crisis intervention, short-term therapy, and advocacy and referral services for long-term management.  

www.chcfinc.org (212)-206-1090  


Disaster Psychiatry Outreach  

Although its main program for 9/11 families has ended, this organization is still providing a referral service for those seeking counseling.  

www.disasterpsych.org (212)-598-9995  


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapeutic treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. To learn more about EMDR or to find a trained clinician, visit this organization’s website.  

www.emdr.com (831)-372-3900  


Faithful Response  

Provides free, compassionate mental health care and counseling to Long Island residents struggling with the affects of 9/11 and related events, including the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq.  




Families Forward Program, NYU Child Study Center  

Developed to serve the needs of children and families of those lost on 9/11. Offers comprehensive assessments and empirically based treatments for bereaved children and parents, as well as the provision of ongoing services aimed at improving coping skills and resiliency. Parents and caregivers are offered wellness programming and educational workshops which cover a wide range of topics related to their children as well as their own mental health. www.aboutourkids.org (212)-263-2757  


Family Service League-Career Breakthroughs  

This organization provides comprehensive social services specializing in services for families including workshops, support groups, childcare, mentoring, and referral information. Specifically, FSL offers a program called Career Breakthroughs which is a career coaching program. Its goal is to serve 9/11-impacted individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, unable to sustain ongoing success in the workplace, or seeking to make a contribution to society.  

www.familyserviceleague.org/ (973)-0746-0800 ext. 20  


FDNY Counseling Services Unit  

The FDNY Counseling Service Unit (CSU) provides services to active firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics, as well as family members and family liaisons. The CSU also provides referrals to other areas and resources.  

www.nyc.gov/html/fdny/html/units/csu/index.shtml (212)-570-1693  


Filipino American Human Services, Inc.  

The organization provides youth development services including mentoring, tutoring internships, leadership program, cultural dance, arts and crafts and poetry. In addition, the organization also provides case management services and counseling for issues including domestic violence, seniors, immigration, and 9/11. Finally, services are provided in the arena of community education and advocacy.  

www.fahsi.org (718)-883-1295  


Freedom from Fear  

This group provides counseling services to those suffering from anxiety and depressive illnesses, and therefore is especially qualified to help those affected by the September 11th attacks.  

www.freedomfromfear.org (718)-351-1717 ext. 24  


Friends of Firefighters  

Friends of Firefighters offer individual, marriage, and family counseling through partnerships with established national and regional organizations serving the NYC area. They also coordinate much-needed wellness trips and special events for firefighters and their families to enjoy. Their resource center, located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, serves as a central meeting spot for firefighters to relax, receive counseling, exchange information and access a wide array of services specific to their needs.  

www.friendsoffirefighters.org/html/index.html (718)-643-0980  


Henry Street Settlement  

The program provides case management and crisis counseling services with referrals for on-going psychiatric services. Walk-ins welcome. The Henry Street Settlement also provides free legal and financial counseling services.  

www.henrystreet.org (212)-471-2400  


Home Ground  

Homeground is an outreach and support program for World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers and their families. Their mission is to create opportunities for rescue and recovery personnel who worked actively on 9/11 and thereafter to come together with their peers to share experiences and to discuss their current and future needs. In addition, professional one-on-one services may also be arranged.  

www.homeground.org (516)-678-2700  


Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly, Inc.  

Offers mental health and wellness services through psycho-educational groups and stress management sessions/activities to high risk Hispanics age 50 and over who experience symptoms of anxiety or depression and stress associated with September 11th and related events.  

105 East 22nd Street, Suite 615  

New York, NY 10010  



Islamic Circle of North America, Inc.  

This organization is working to provide support and self-help groups, counseling, information, and referrals to those affected by 9/11, particularly those in the Muslim community.  

www.reliefonline.org (718)-523-5100  


Mental Health Association of Westchester County  

The Mental Health Association of Westchester County, Inc. (MHA), founded in 1946, is a voluntary not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental health through advocacy, community education, and direct services. The direct services the organization offers include treatment, counseling, support, rehabilitation, and education.  

www.mhawestchester.org (914)-345-5900 ext. 245  


National Association of Social Workers  

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies.  



National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  

Visit this website for information on PTSD, including education, exposure, coping-skills training, and more. In addition, several treatment modalities are discussed including cognitive-behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy, EMDR, group treatment, and psychodynamic treatment.  




National Center for Victims of Crime  

The NCVC continues to support and assist anyone who is in need of support following the September 11th attacks. Referrals and further information are available.  

www.ncvc.org/ncvc/Main.aspx (800)-FYI-CALL  


National Coalition of Homicide Survivors  

The purpose of the National Coalition of Homicide Survivors is to share information, resources and ideas, and to improve support and victim assistance services to homicide survivors.  

www.mivictims.org (520)-740-5729  


New Hope Center for Grief  

Support group for the families throughout Michigan who lost a loved one on 9/11. They are meeting periodically every 3 to 4 months.  

www.newhopecenter.net (248)-348-0115  


New York City Police Foundation  

To help all police cope with the emotional affects of the disaster, a comprehensive post traumatic stress disorder program offers free and confidential counseling services for all NYPD employees and their families.  

www.nycpolicefoundation.org (212)-751-8170  


New York Disaster Counseling Coalition  

NYDCC serves the mental health needs of all members of the uniformed services with outreach, educational programs, and crisis and long term counseling. Importantly, because first responders are sustained by a family network, NYDCC supports first responder families, in addition to the responders themselves. NYDCC’s Referral Program provides access to free, confidential counseling services by licensed clinicians throughout the tri-state area, including, but not limited to, treatment for individuals, couples, families, support groups, psychiatric evaluations, and residential drug and alcohol treatment. NYDCC organizes these services with the purpose of promoting resilience and enhancing the quality of life for law enforcement officers, first responders, and their families.  

www.nydcc.org (212)-582-8208  


New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS)  

NYDIS is a faith-based federation of service providers and charitable organizations who work in partnership to provide disaster services. Their mission is to develop and support faith-based disaster readiness, response, and recovery services for New York City. In addition to advocacy and outreach to underserved communities, NYDIS administers the 9/11 Unmet Needs Roundtable and provides resource support to agencies serving the impacted community.  

www.nydis.org/nydis/nydis_resources/resources_911.php (212)-669-6100  


North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center  

The Bereavement and Trauma Center at the North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center in Nassau County, Long Island, provides an extensive and comprehensive range of mental health and preventive services for children, youth, and families regardless of income. With recent funding, they will now be offering a personal safety training program for children from ages 6-18 years of age, women, and men who were impacted by 9/11 who have not received services to date or have been underserved in the journey to wellness. Additionally, they will be creating and training a volunteer corps of 9/11 survivors to continue the outreach effort to other 9/11 survivors in order to provide services and/or facilitate the accessing of resources which promote healing.  

www.northshorechildguidance.org (516)-299-5373  


PA September 11th Assistance Program  

The Victim Assistance Program serves all people in the state of Pennsylvania directly affected by September 11th and families of victims on Flight 93. A staff of professionals provides one-on-one support for the physical, emotional, and financial needs of victims via a 24-hour a day, 7-days per week help line and through personal visits. Spouses, children, parents, grandparents, and significant others are all eligible for assistance. Referrals may also be provided if additional services are needed.  

www.pasept11.org (866)328-2800  


Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance  

POPPA was established as a volunteer peer support network whose commitment is exclusively dedicated to providing a confidential, safe, and supportive environment for police officers and their families.  

www.poppainc.com (888)-267-7267  


Program for Anxiety and Trauma Stress Studies (for disaster workers and emergency responders and their families)  

A free clinical program is available to treat mental health symptoms resulting from September 11th. This program is open to any disaster worker or emergency responder that responded on September 11th or was involved in the cleanup efforts following the World Trade Center attacks. The therapy is conducted on an individual basis (one-on-one) and tailored to each participant’s individual needs. The program can offer up to 26 sessions for free. This free treatment is also open to family members of disaster workers or emergency responders who are having problems related to 9/11, including spouses and children.  

www.patss.com (212)-821-0699  


Safe Horizon  

Safe Horizon’s mission is to provide support, prevent violence, and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, including their families and communities. Safe Horizon’s hotlines and programs in community offices, shelters, courts, police precincts, and schools help more than 350,000 New Yorkers every year.  

www.safehorizon.org (866)-689-4673  


Survivor Guidelines  

This website was created by a volunteer panel of experts to provide helpful guidelines and resources on how to emotionally survive and recover from the terrorist attack on September 11th. The site provides helpful information regarding trauma, as well as links to additional supportive sites.  



Tepeyac Association (Associacion de Tepeyac de Nueva York)  

This organization provides co9unseling, computer training, English classes, etc. for Mexican workers in New York. Counseling is also available, especially for victims of September 11th.  

www.tepeyac.org (212)-633-7108  


The Children’s Aid Society/WTC Relief Services  

Provides services for low-income families of those killed or who were seriously injured on September 11th and who have young children (all aid is based on need). Services include counseling for grief, trauma, and bereavement, medical and dental care.  

www.childrensaidsociety.org/wtc/services (212)-949-4800  



The Living Room  

The Living Room is a health and wellness center dedicated to providing ongoing supportive services to families affected by September 11th. It is a welcoming, comfortable and informal social center that provides a wide range of therapeutic, restorative, educational and creative activities. The Living room has a large multi-purpose space for lectures and classes, a cozy “living room” for small groups or just relaxing, and a beautiful children’s playroom filled with toys, books, and games. The Living Room is open 40 hours a week for registered members to attend planned activities or just as a drop-in place to relax and rejuvenate.  

www.jfsbergen.org (201)-837-9090  


The National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children  

POMC provides the ongoing emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate the reconstruction of a “new life” and to promote a healthy resolution. Not only does POMC help survivors deal with their acute grief, but with the criminal justice system as well.  

www.pomc.com (513)-721-5683  


The Resiliency Program/Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health/National Center for Disaster Preparedness  

Committed to helping underserved children and families in NYC cope and prepare for life in the aftermath of 9/11. The program provides flexible and relevant mental health and education services for communities adversely affected by the events of 9/11.  

www.ncdp.mailman.columbia.edu (212)-781-1046  


The Salvation Army  

The Salvation Army is an evangelical organization where volunteers provide assistance in a variety of areas from social services to office work to character building activities. Visit the Web site to find your local chapter.  



The World Trade Center Healing Services/SVCMC  

WTC Healing Services began in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. Their program continues to offer free, confidential mental health and stress management services. Their focus is on clients affected by the terrorist attacks of 9/11, including the residents, businesses, 23 schools in the Lower Manhattan community, Staten Island communities, uniformed and trade service workers, and survivors of those killed in the disaster. Services are provided in groups of four key areas: Children and Adolescents, Community-Based, Public Safety Worker Services, and Integrative Stress Management.  



Tuesday's Champions  

A new initiative of Tuesday's Children, providing wellness, stress management, and nutrition counseling, life management programs, educational and career guidance, personal finance workshops, and special events. Services are available for all those who contributed to the World Trade Center rescue and recovery effort. Contact Nancy Byrnes for further information. 516-562-9000  


Voices of September 11th  

A non-profit organization who’s mission is to support and advocate for those impacted by 9/11 and other terrorist attacks. VOICES offers support and teleconference groups, family programs, and current information via their website, email distributions, and newsletters. The organization also promotes public policy reform for prevention, preparedness and response to terrorism. Finally, VOICES strives to foster improved relations and share best practices with all countries confronting terrorism.  

www.voicesofsept11.org (866)-505-3911  


Willow House  

Willow House, a center serving grieving families in the Chicago area and its suburbs, has recently received a grant to expand its support to families affected by 9/11. Willow House is currently seeking any families from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan who would be interested in support. Support groups meet monthly; a memorial service will be planned; and individual, couples or family therapy is available in the Deerfield office, their satellite office in Chicago, or in one’s own home.  

www.willowhouse.org (847)-940-0779  


World Trade Center Survivors Network  

Survivors of the terrorist attacks of September 11th continue to face stress, disorientation, and significant levels of grief, guilt, and helplessness as they reconstruct their lives in the aftermath of the disaster. The Survivors’ Network seeks to provide a forum for personal contact between survivors as a means to empower them to both deal with the circumstances of the aftermath of the attacks and to find renewed purpose in that aftermath. The Network may also function as a place for people to get survivors perspectives and as a conduit for the common thoughts of survivors.  



YES Community Counseling Center/Pathways September 11th Recovery Program  

The program provides bereavement counseling, individual and family therapy, group counseling, and referrals for further resources.  

www.yesccc.org (516)-799-3203  

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