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Commemorating the lives lost and documenting the stories of September 11, 2001  

Participating in the 9/11 Living Memorial


VOICES invites you to participate in creating an important historical record that honors the nearly 3,000 lives lost and documents firsthand accounts of rescue workers and survivors. By sharing your photographs, memories and stories you will inform and inspire future generations of Americans and contribute to our nation’s digital history.  


The Family Tributes section consists of individual pages for each of the nearly 3,000 victims and includes a Guestbook for personal reflections.  


The Survivor/Evacuee/Witness pages document the stories of those who experienced 9/11 firsthand. This gives these individuals the opportunity to recount their experiences, to share their stories of healing, and to remember lost colleagues, friends, and loved ones.  


The Rescue and Recovery Workers pages, like survivors’ story pages, give these individuals the opportunity to recount their personal experiences, to share their stories of healing, and to remember those lost.  


To download the 9/11Living memorial Pamphlet and view a list of the items we are collecting, click here.  


View the 9/11 Living Memorial video.  


View the upcoming Living Memorial workshops .  



Here's What To Do:


Step 1:


Please print, complete and sign the VOICES Release Form and the VOICES Opt-In Form. This allows VOICES to publish the information on the website and for its potential use in the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.


Step 2:


• Complete the Required Information Section (Page 1) of the 9/11 Living Memorial Submission Form.


• If you are a family member of a victim, complete Part A (pages 2 & 3) of the Submission Form.


• If you are a survivor, rescue worker or other member of the 9/11 community, please complete Part B (page 4) of the Submission Form.


Step 3:


Gather together at least ten items you would like us to feature on our web site. For those contributing to the Family Tributes, we are currently seeking the following items:


• 2 portrait photographs (either high-resolution digital photos or large prints) that clearly show the face of your loved one


• 8 additional photographs (preferably but not necessarily high-resolution) that somehow illustrate the life of your loved one and/or ways people have commemorated that life since 9/11 – examples might include photos of the subject spending time with friends or family members or enjoying a favorite activity, significant objects like a medals or childhood toys, commemorative pieces of artwork, or post-9/11 memorial sites


• Among these photographs, please include at least a few of your loved one’s most recent photos


• 1 text document, such as a written tribute or memorial service program


Step 4:


Schedule an appointment to meet with the VOICES staff by contacting one of our offices. Call our Connecticut office at 203-966-3911 or our New Jersey office at 732-543-2300 and sign up for one of the following:


Attend a 9/11 Living Memorial workshop - view the upcoming schedule.  


Work with the VOICES staff to coordinate a workshop in your community.  


Schedule an appointment at our Connecticut or New Jersey offices.




If you are unable to attend a workshop or come to one of the offices, you can send us your photographs and we will scan them and return them to you. If you prefer, you can send us a CD with your high resolution images.

Send your photo collection and your release forms, by mail, to:  


Ms. Debbie Westfal, Voices of September 11th Connecticut Headquarters  

161 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT 06840


We look forward to working with you on this important project.


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