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The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing



On February 26, 1993, terrorists carried out the first attack on the World Trade center, detonating a huge truck bomb in the underground parking garage below Tower One. The blast killed John DiGiovanni, William Macko, Wilfredo Mercado, Robert Kirkpatrick, Stephen Knapp and Monica Rodriguez Smith and her unborn child. It caused injuries to over a thousand more people.  


The 1,500 pound bomb, designed with the intent of destroying the twin towers, exploded in the underground garage of Tower One at 12:17pm, opening a 98-foot hole through the concrete sublevels. Later, the WTC's architect would note that if the van had been left closer to the concrete foundations, the terrorists might have succeeded in destroying the building.  


Thousands of office workers were trapped in Tower One, there were no working lifts and lighting, and people did not know whether to stay in their offices or climb down the many floors via the stairwells.  


On the fifteenth anniversary of the attack, the New York Times reported that had 9/11 not happened, 2/26 would have been the worst day of terrorism in New York's modern history, and the families of those who died believe that the attacks are interwoven. That is why the 1993 Word Trade Center bombing, as well as the attacks on 9/11, are part of the 9/11 Living Memorial.  


If you are survivor of the 1993 attack or worked in rescue efforts that day, please contact us and share your story with us to include in these pages.  


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