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Individuals impacted by 9/11 continue to face new situations and challenging issues. In this section, you’ll find experts’ answers to a variety of questions, practical suggestions for getting through difficult times, and guidance for navigating the days ahead.  


You may want advice about handling the anniversary and special occasions, wonder about the signs of depression, want to learn more about becoming resilient following trauma, need tips for deepening old relationships or establishing new ones, to find out how to help children going off to college, or information about a host of other everyday stresses and problems.  


We don’t want you to face issues alone so we also encourage you to contact us and submit your own questions so we know what else you want to learn more about.  


Articles by Dr. Robin F. Goodman


Included here for more information are the articles written for VOICES members throughout the year by Dr. Robin F. Goodman. Dr. Goodman's articles are great resources for resiliency and wellness advice tailored to specific times in the year.  



Holiday Tips


The winter holidays seem to follow fast on the heels of the September 11th anniversary. Like many occasions, they can be an exciting time for some and a challenging one for others. There are an abundance of public reminders about the holidays – at places of worship, in shopping malls, in the mail, at school, and at work – that may trigger thoughts of holidays past... Read Article  



Kids and Kangaroos Keep Jumping Forward


Children and teens in particular are the most striking example of the momentum of life. They are constantly growing and changing - in the blink of an eye their shoes are too tight and their jeans too short. They race through life, acquiring new experiences and meeting new people as they go. Along the way, a bereaved child's grief and memories change shape as well... Read Article  



How should I feel, what should I say now? The anniversary of 9/11


Individuals are faced with an especially unique, intense, and confusing mixture of questions and emotions as a milestone anniversary gets closer. As September 11th approaches, individuals may feel uneasy... Read Article  



Father's Day


Following a tragedy such as 9/11, traditional holidays such as Father’s Day take on new meaning, bringing reminders of happier as well as more difficult times. The holiday can be especially difficult if you are a surviving father, father of a beloved child who died, father to a child whose mother died, or your own father died on 9/11... Read Article  



A College Guide: From Getting In to Going


College is not just a place – it is a rite of passage for teen, parents, and the family. But first and foremost, college is a process and experience on many levels. Thinking through and planning for the financial, academic, and emotional issues can help make college successful. The following highlights some of the many small steps involved in the process... Read Article  



Loving Still - And Again


There can come a point when it is time to invest in new relationships. This can and should happen while the internal flame of the loved one who has died continues to provide warmth. But this step is not always easy. The following are some thoughts about the processes of keeping past love alive and finding new love. These thoughts apply to those developing and deepening various kinds of relationships and needing to love life again... Read Article  



Talking to Kids About Terrorism or Acts of War


The London terrorist attacks that occurred on July 7 may prompt questions among children about terrorism or reactive 9/11-related fears and anxieties. Many questions parents have about terrorism, including how to explain terrorism to children, how much information to give, how to assess children's emotional reactions and how to provide comfort and a sense of safety... Read Article  





There is often much hope and optimism at the start of a new year. Many people are fueled by relief that the hectic holidays are over. Life becomes more routine and predictable again. Tearing off the last page of an old calendar and turning to the first page on a new one provides people with the chance to make a fresh start. But some people look back and get bogged down by the piles of things half done or undone and feel more overwhelmed and defeated... Read Article  





Individuals, families, cultures, religions, and even countries follow various traditions. Holiday, birthdays, and other special occasions are often marked with time honored customs. Yet, at times the ceremony or festivity is kept long past when anyone remembers its origin or meaning. The following are some issues for families affected by 9/11 to consider as you revisit your own traditions... Read Article  



Back to School for Children and Teens Affected by 9/11


As the summer winds down, parents and kids begin to think about starting school. For families affected by 9/11, back to school time brings with it specific questions, challenges, and sad memories. Keep in mind that the issues vary with the age of the child, the child or teen’s academic, social, and emotional functioning, and the family’s personal situation... Read Article  



September 11th Anniversary


One of the most challenging aspects of the tragic attacks on September 11th has been the added burden of managing so private an experience in the midst of such public exposure. There are many places, activities, and days throughout the year that are personally significant; a favorite restaurant, a religious holiday, a birth, a first day of college. But on the anniversary of September 11th , victims, survivors, family members, friends, rescue workers, and all those having a deep connection to the tragedy are bombarded with public reminders of that life changing day... Read Article  



Coping With The July 7, 2005 London Terrorist Attacks


Across the United States, people awoke to the tragic news of the attack on the London public transportation system. Once again the media was filled with pictures and reports of individuals in the aftermath of an attack on innocent people. For those who experienced the tragic events of September 11th, this latest attack in London can be particularly upsetting... Read Article  



July 4th


Another holiday is upon us. The 4th of July is meant to celebrate our independence as a nation. But in the years since September 11th, it has taken on new meaning for many Americans. Especially for families affected by September 11th, the holiday is likely to cause complicated thoughts and feelings... Read Article  





For families in which a loved one died on September 11th, a graduation can be a bittersweet event. While others may be filled with joy, the graduate and family members who are missing someone special may be surprised by an array of emotions – you may feel angry at not being able to share the day with a significant person, resentful of others who did not endure the tragedy of 9/11, or proud of children moving on. However, it is important to celebrate what has been achieved, especially under such difficult circumstances. Graduations mark how far one has come and all the effort required to reach a goal... Read Article  



The End of Notification


The Medical Examiner's office has announced they have exhausted their ability to identify any further remains of those who died at the World Trade Center. Although many waiting family members were aware of this possibility, you may have been maintaining hope and found yourself unprepared for the news. The following is some guidance for understanding your feelings and coping with this announcement... Read Article  



Mother's Day


For those who have a personal experience with September 11th, traditional holidays such as Mother's Day, can bring up a variety of feelings in people. Some may dread the holiday, others may embrace it. And Mother's Day has different meaning for different individuals – parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, aunts and uncles... Read Article

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