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While the Firm was rebuilding structurally and on a technical level it was also rebuilding emotionally. A stream of concerned and relieved and compassionate letters, emails, cards and phone calls came to Thacher Proffitt from friends around the world.  


Friends Sharing Thoughts



09-18-07 -- A letter from the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China of New York  


Consulate Letter  


09-19-07 -- A letter from Nadea B. Middleton, the great-granddaughter of William Allen Butler, one of the founders of the Firm. The portrait of her grandfather referred to hung outside the office of John Woods at 2 World Trade.  


Nadea B. Middleton Letter  


10-18-07 -- A letter from James J. Dunne III Senior Managing Principal of Sandler O'Neill & Partners, L.P.  




10-05-07 -- A letter from the Mayor of Sleepy Hollow, Philip Zegarelli  




09-13-07 -- A letter from John McCubbin, a retired partner of Thacher Proffitt who resides in North Carolina  




09-16-07 -- A letter from the Japan Society President in New York William Clark, Jr  




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Employee Stories


Anthony Cassino  

Charles Brown  

Dina Santora  

Elizabeth Moss  

James Brady  

Jon Forstot  

Mark Sokolow  

Mayra Rea  

Michelle Williams  

Valerie Chandler  

Yvonne Lo  


Commemorations / Donations


Once back on its feet the Firm began to give back to the community and joined in commemorating 9/11. The Firm strived to do this both externally and internally. Externally the Firm donated to several organizations and participated in several commemoration ceremonies and information discussions. Internally the Firm provided counseling, a quiet room to reflect, and simply asked for the employees' stories and anything else they wanted to share in association with 9/11.  


Charitable Contributions  


Wesleyan University  


Sandler O'Neill  


A High Tech Phoenix  


911 Remberance Memo  


TPW Remembers  

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