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Press Coverage


There was extensive press coverage of the events of 9/11 and its aftermath. There follows a selection of the media reporting on September 11, 2001 that mentioned the Firmís situation following the events of 9/11 and its recovery efforts. Much of the early coverage that mentioned the Firm dealt with the effects of the events on the Firm and others similarly situated. The Firm had a problem that occurred early in the morning of the 13th of September. The New York Law Journal coverage of the situation in the World Trade Center contained language that implied that there was doubt as to whether Thacher Proffitt was going to be able to continue. This early coverage was a concern so the Firm determined to make sure that the world knew that it had survived, intended to continue in the practice as a law firm, and was planning and acting accordingly. The Firm was proactive in this regard. Media coverage turned out in the end to be very helpful in reassuring clients and staff that the Firm was still all right.. Overall, the Firm was generally satisfied with the nature of the coverage and believes that it had a positive effect on its partners, staff and clients and assisted in the recovery efforts. A special thank you to Village Copier for scanning and formatting these articles.  




1. New York Law Journal 09-12-01  

"The Aftermath: Working Without an Office"  

2. The Boston Globe 09-12-01  

"Businesses Try to Track Employees"  

3. Reuters 09-12-01  

"Trade Center tenants struggle to cope, count workers"  

4. Wall Street Journal 09-13-01  

"For Bosses and Workers Alike, Getting Back to Work Takes Patience and Determination"  

5. New York Law Journal 09-13-01  

"Firm With Offices in World Trade Center Focus on Recovery"  

6. New York Law Journal 09-13-01  

"The Big WTC Firms: "It's Hard Not to Cry""  

7. New York Times 09-13-01  

"After the Attacks: The Records; Corporate Paper Trails Buried in Soot"  

8. Wall Street Journal 09-13-01  

"Trade Center Firms Fear For Friends and Colleagues"  

9. Financial Times 09-14-01  

"Most law firms say disruption is not serious"  

10. The Guardian 09-14-01  

"Grim roll call of the companies located in World Trade Center"  

11. The Age 09-14-01  

"Companies try to help shocked, grieving staff"  

12. The Age 09-14-01  

"New York's streets become a matter of record"  

13. International Herald Tribune 09-14-01  

"Loss of Records Likely to Stymie Business Operations"  

14. Crain's New York Business 09-17-01  

"Skirting the disaster"  

15. LMT Business Journal 09-17-01  

16. The Star 09-17-01  

"Law firms regroup in wake of trade center attack"  

17. Asset-Backed Alert 09-17-01  

"Terrorist Attack Creates Set of Market Realities"  

18. New York Law Journal 09-18-01  

"Affected Firms are Making Quick Recovery"  

19. New York Law Journal (Ashby Jones) 09-18-01  

"Attorneys Test Recovery Plans For computers and Client Files"  

20. Pittsburgh Post Gazette 09-18-01  

21. Washington Post 09-18-01  

"The City Returns to Work, but Not to Normalcy"  

22. The Recorder (Cal Law) 09-18-01  

"8 Staffers Missing, and a Harrowing Tale of Escape"  

23. Newsday 09-19-01  

"Companies Try to Retrieve Data"  

24. Wall Street Journal 09-19-01  

"Displaced Companies Rush To Locate Available Space"  

25. SOONER 2001  

"On the seventh day, they did not rest"  

26. American Banker 09-21-01  

"Industry Law Firm Thacher, WTC Tenant, Moves to 42nd St.  

27. Daily Telegraph - UK 09-21-01  

28. Daily Telegraph 09-21-01  

"Born survivor is three times lucky"  

29. Daily Mirror - UK 09-22-01  

30. New York Times 09-23-01  

"Trying to Reweave Threads of Tattered Offices"  

31. Crain's New York Business 09-24-01  

32. National Mortgage News 09-24-01  

33. Wall Street Journal 09-24-01  

34. Westchester Business Journal 09-24-01  

"A race for space in county"  

35. TenantWise 09-24-01  

36. Asset-Backed Alert 09-24-01  

"Relocation Plans Advance After Attack"  

37. National Law Journal Feature 09-24-01  

"A scramble to rebound and rebuild"  

38. National Law Journal Feature 09-24-01  

"Daily off-site backups saved data from disaster"  

39. New York Times 09-27-01  

40. LEGA media Sept. '01  

"Nach den Terroranschlagen auf das World Trade Center"  

41. Commercial Mortgage Alert 10-01-01  

42. American Lawyer 10-01-01  

"Paper Trail"  

43. Origination News 10-01-01  

"WTC firms count losses, rebuild"  

44. Fortune 10-01-01  

"Rebuilding Wall Street"  

45. German Newspaper 10-02-01  

"Nearly every fifth lawyer in NY lost his office"  

46. International Herald Tribune 10-06-01  

47. Time Magazine 10-08-01  

48. BBC News 10-08-01  

"Trade Center tenants may stay away"  

49. New York Law Journal 10-09-01  

"Firms Provide Grief Counseling To Employees in Attacks' Wake  

50. Credit & Collections World 10-09-01  

"WTC firms count losses and rebuild"  

51. Mortgage Bankers Association of America 10-11-01  

"Commercial News"  

52. American Lawyer 11-01-01  

"Back on their Feet"  

53. Newsday 11-26-01  

"Relocating at the Speed of Business"  

54. Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 12-01-01  

"The TyMetrix Response"  

55. Wesleyan Winter 2002  

"New York Recovers" Kofi Appenteng  

56. 01-01-02  

"War Against Terror: Tenant listing"  

57. Crain's New York Business 01-14-02  

"Special Report Tenants old and new square footage"  

58. The Maritime Advocate 01-17-02  

" In Camera"  

59. Newsday 03-11-02  

"Return Downtown"  

60. Laminated Crain's New York article 03-18-02  

"Tenants sparking midtown revival"  

61. Crain's New York Business 04-08-07  

"Law firm to ink first new lease near WTC site"  

62. Law Technology News 09-06-02  

"One Year Later: September 11, 2001 changed legal technology"  

63. Los Angeles Daily Journal Forum Page 09-12-02  

"Standing Tall"  

64. New York Post 11-15-02  

"2 WFC Bonanza"  

65. Bloomberg 11-15-02  

"Thacher Subleases Office Space From Merrill in Lower Manhattan"  

66. Bloomberg 11-16-02  

"Law Firm Commits to Downtown"  

67. Crain's New York Business 11-18-02  

"Law Firm signs big lease at World Financial Center"  

68. National Real Estate Investor 11-19-02  

"Law firm signs major WFC lease"  

69. New York Post 11-19-02  

"news briefing"  

70. New York Lawyer 11-27-02  

"Lawyers Working on Thacher Proffitt's Return to Downtown"  

71. Real Estate Weekly 11-27-02  

"Law firm returns downtown: Thacher Proffitt"  

72. Downtown Alliance 12-05-02  

"News flash: Law Firm Thacher Proffitt to move back downtown"  

73. Legal Times 12-09-02  

"In Brief"  

74. New York Post clipping 12-10-02  

"A Downtown Rx"  

75. New York Post 12-10-02  

"Movin' In"  

76. Crain's New York Business 01-13-03  

"Bargain hunters target downtown"  

77. Volume 02-04-03  

" Thacher Proffitt & Wood Heads Home"  

78. Journal News, The 04-08-03  

"A sort of homecoming"  

79. Wall Street Journal 06-25-03  

"Lower Manhattan Shows Signs of Recovery"  

80. New York Post 06-30-03  

"Ground Zero Action"  

81. Asset Securitization Report 08-18-03  


82. Legal Times 09-01-03  

"In Brief"  

83. New York Law Journal 09-02-03  

"2 Years Later, Thacher Proffitt Moves Offices Back Downtown"  

84. CNN Segment t.v. transcript 09-03-03  

85. Hartford Courant 09-03-03  

"News briefing"  

86. New York Post 09-03-03  

"Downtown Rising"  

87. Hildebrandt International 09-05-03  

"Office space"  

88. The Irish Times 09-06-03  

"9/11 two years on"  

89. National Law Journal 09-08-03  


90. Christian Science Monitor 09-11-03  

"Manhattan's new way of thinking" - feature on Mark Sokolow  

91. Financial Times 09-12-03  

"Green shoots at Ground Zero"  

92. Wall Street Journal 09-24-03  

"Large Lease Deals Boost Manhattan Office Market"  

93. Law Firm Inc. Winter '03/'04  

"Back to Ground Zero"  

94. New York Post 01-06-04  

" Downtown gets a big one"  

95. Of Counsel 09-01-05  

"Life After the World Financial Center  

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