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Thacher Proffitt & Wood LLP

Location: Two World Trade Center
Floors: 20,38,39,40


Coming Home to Two World Financial Center


Chairman and Managing Partner Paul Tvetenstrand addressing the lawyers and staff at the Opening Day ceremony at Two World Financial Center, September ---, 2003







Thacher Proffitt’s story did not end with the initial recovery, rebuilding, and remembrance. In 2003 the Firm returned downtown and not only downtown, but across the street from where the World Trade Center stood to Two World Financial Center. This symbolic and monumental move represented the Firm’s survival after 9/11 and the strength of Thacher Proffitt & Wood.  


Lawyers and staff at the Opening Day ceremony, September ---, 2003
























Efforts to find permanent space to replace the lost World Trade Center space began almost immediately after the firm found its midtown space. These efforts are recounted in the Law Firm Inc. article which follows  


Law Firm Inc. Article  



11/15/2002 - Press release by Thacher Proffitt regarding the move back downtown.  


Press Release  


11/15/2002 - Internal newletter with information about Thacher Proffitt's return downtown  


Internal Newsletter  


11/15/2002 - Internal memo announcing Thacher Proffitt's return downtown  


Internal Memo  

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