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VOICES depends upon the contributions of individuals to continue working on behalf of all those affected by September 11, 2001 and other terrorist attacks.
Anonymous Donors
Flora Aaroe
Mr. and Mrs. John Abley
Tish Adair
David Albrecht
Michelle Alleyne
American Express Employee Giving Programs
Jill Anderson
Annin Flag Makers
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Apollo
Laura Armstrong
Carol and William Ashley
Chuck Atanasio
Cheryl Aubin
Michael Barasch
Joanne Barbara
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Barbuto
The Jim and Dede Bartlett Foundation
Lowell and Pat Bell
Alessandra Benedetti
Sophie Benedetti
Richard Ben-Veniste
Evelyn Berry
Mark Bisard
Madeleine Blot
Jeff Blumenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Bodenheimer
Nancy Booms
Dorline Bosboom
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Boutcher
Barbara H. Brennan
Mack and Lindsay Bridenbacker
Cynthia Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell
Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caproni
Chase and Wendy Carey
John and Kristin Carey
Steven Cartledge
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Castrianno
The Causeway Agency LLC
Michael Chen
Philip and Lydia Clay
Paolo and Sheila Clemente
Nathan Cline
Patricia A. Cocchi
Brian Cohane
Barry and Marcia Cohen
Thomas Colgan
Martin Collins
Kathleen Coneau
Frank Congemi
John V. Connorton, Jr.
Anne Cook
Theresa and Raymond Corio
Nancy Costello
Geoffrey and Lizzie Craddock
Maria and Francesco Crifasi
Kathi Curioli
Mr. amd Mrs. Joseph D'Agostino
Raquel Damadeo
John M. Danish
Richard S. Davis
Mauro DeCarolis
DeMartini, Nicole
Mr. and Mrs. George deMenocal
Loisanne Diehl
Katherine Dillaber
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dillon
Stacey Dolan
Thomas and Kristin Dolan
John Donohue
Douglas J. Dooley
Rebecca Doran
Andre and Michelle Dore
Michael P. Downing
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Dubiago
John Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. James Dunning, Jr.
Justin Durso
Karen Eckert
Margo Eckert
Patricia Egan
Linda Ellman & Gary Mandinach
Susan Cossette Eng
David and Laura Erickson
Catherine Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. Elisa Eydt
Jeffrey and Melinda Fager
Lisa Fenger
Thomas Ferrara
Michael Ferrence, Jr.
Susanne Ferris
The Fetchet Family
Fred Fielding
John and Marie Fisher
Mary Fitzgibbons
Thomas and Patricia Foley
Rena Fortier
Frame Advisors, LLC
Megan Friedman
FT Cares Foundation
Mortimer and Susan Fuller
Michael Funck
Linda Galloway
John Gannon
Marty and Tracy Gazzani
Jonathan and Patricia Geanakos
Georgette and John Gill
Earl and Eleanor Gillete
Maureen L. Gilligan
Joseph and Phyllis Gilly
Angela Gitto
Barry H. Glick Charitable Fund
Regina Glocker
Dave Goggins
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Anthony Gregg
Anthony Guzzardo
Alan and Lori Haas
Geraldine Halderman
Half Moon Foundation
Jeraldine Halligan
Hamilton Executions, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Haney
Kelly and Terry Hanratty
Jeanmarie Hargrave and Tom Kerns
Jeanine Hart Seaman
Debora Hayes
Christine Healey
Jacob Heber
Joseph Hennessey
Robert and Mary Henrikson
Ethel Henry
Ron Hertz
Carol Heyns
Virginia Hindy
Anna and John Holbrook
Allan Horwitz
Joseph Hromada
David and Sarah Hunt
Michael Hurley
Chris Hussey Real Estate
Barry Jablonski
Jennifer Jardim
Jennifer Jasminski
Charles E. Johnson
Jay Joseph
Marvin Kabatznick
Leo and Janet Karl
Anthoula Katsimatides
Thomas H. Kean Foundation, Inc.
Judith Keane
Maureen Kelly
Phyllis Kelly
Maureen Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kessler
David and Rita Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Don Kittel
Alex Kleyner
Christopher Kojm
Michael Kross
Colleen Kukowski
Sally Kya-Hill
Chappy LaBlond
Luthor Laine
Stephen and Lynn Larrabee
Brian and Kelly Lavigne
Janet and Peter Lebovitz
Nancy Lee
LendLease Americas
Ingrid Lenihan
James and Mary Lee Lesko
Marvin and Audrey Levin
Ian Levine
Lindabury McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper
Kenneth Lobb
Olivia Loughran
Nicole Lubold
Kathleen Lyman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyon
Natalie MacDonald
Audrey Magnuson
Mr. and Mrs. David Malkin
Jason Mandel
Mary Jane Maounis
Christine Marlo-Triemstra
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martino
Brian and Donna Mattiello
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCool
William and Mary Ellen McDonald
Bonnie McEneaney
Debra McEneaney
Catherine McGettigan
Bernadette McHugh
Anita McKeown
Anand Melwani
Richard Mercado
Betty Ann Miller
Jeremiah Miller
Milton Rescue Squad, Inc.
Ayman Mohyeldin
Stephen and Eleanor Monroe
Moonflower Yoga Inc
Moore Capital Management LP
Ivy Moreno
Joseph Moreno
Morgan Keller Inc
Morgan Stanley
Michelle Mulcahy
Katherine Murphy
Maureen and Thomas Murphy
Joanne Murray
Abdul Musabbir
Joseph Napoli, MD
Philip and Jill Nehro
New Canaan Community Foundation
New Canaan High School Activity Fund
Dana S. Newbauer
Patricia Nosal
Helen OBrien-Fox
Theresa O'Connell
Joan O'Farrow
James and Sara O'Grady
Sarah O'Keefe
Kevin O'Neill
Rosaleen O'Neill
Harry Ong
Leslie O'Shea
Sue O'Sulivan
Mr. and Mrs. James Otness
Herbert and Andrea Ouida
Deborah Palmer
Melissa Parker
Kathryn Pasternak
Dr. and Mrs. James Perry
Kathleen Pezzuti
David Pinchin
Ronald Podel
Gene and Lindsay Preividi
Nathaniel Prince
Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Ange Puig
Jerald and Nancy Pullins
Jacqueline Pykon
Allie Pyne
Catherine Raddatz
Kathleen Raney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Redican
Bridie and Kevin Regan
Alan Reiss
Hopeton Richards
Shelli Rippetoe
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Roach
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
E.H. Roberts
Janet Rocco
Elsie Rosado
Anita Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Roski
Jason and Iris Rothberg
The Rudin Family Foundation
Arthur and Arlene Russo
Ralph and Brigitte Sabbag
Stephen and Karen Sachs
Saint Theresa School
Salisbury Elk Lick School District
James and Linda Samuel
Ronald Sann
Mr. and Mrs. Expedito Santillan
Alexander and Maureen Santora
Stuart and Nicoline Sawabini
John and Jeanette Schardt
Phyllis Schreier
John Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schubert
Jessica Schwitzman
Marsha Scott
Catherine Scullin
Jeanine Seaman
Christina Serafin
Zoila Serrano
Bruce Serva
Robert W. Shaw
Erin Shea
Rita Shea
Kathleen Simmons
Susan D. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Simpson
Thomas and Susan Sinton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Skaperdas
James and Joanne Slattery,
Sarah Smith
Seelochini Somwaru-Liriano
Jon and Andrea Sprole
Roseanna Stabile
Stacy Staub
Helen Stevenson
Terry Strada
Suburban Delinquent
Tom Suchecki
Jeb and Ceal Swift
Rami Tabbara
Midori Takahashi
TD Charitable Foundation
Catherine Tegtmeier
The Chasella Group LLC
The Execu/Search Group, Inc.
The H Bone & Violet M Porter
The Port Authority of NY & NJ
Anna and John Holbrook
Thomas, Blake
Thompson, Lucy
Linda Horan
Thune, Arne
Tijerina, Adam
Toal, Suzette
Togneri, William - (Tremble, Kathleen)
Josseph and Barbara Ianelli
Topp'T Pizza & Salad Co. LLC
Trentini, Patti
. Seward Johnson, Sr. 1963 Charitable Trust
Tufts, Fred & Julie
Turret, Nancy
Tyler, Gwen
Ughetta, James
United States Department of Justice
United Way of Central New Jersey
Brenda Vandever
Rob Varriano
Vincent and Loretta Viglione
Louis Violante
Nayda Voskerijian
David Wachter
Mr. and Mrs. William Walbert
Emily Walker
Jennifer Waterhouse
Janice Waters
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Weber
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Thomas C. White III
Marc and Stephanie Wieman
Arthur and June Wildman,
Michael and Kathryn Wile
Brian and Jane Williams
Omer and Gail Williams
Linda Wilson
Kathleen Wisniewski
Kurt Wolfgruber and Kim White
John and Joyce Woods
Theresa Wyatt

VOICES Provides Support Services

VOICES Staff Provides Support Services Including: Assessments, Support Groups, Referrals, Commemorative Events, Workshops.

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